With everything going on for Human Trafficking Awareness month, we did not get our Newsletter out.
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On January 24th, we ended Human Trafficking Awareness Month with a special event for our supporters. Nearly 200 community members joined us to hear from both a panel of legal professionals and a panel of survivors impacted by human trafficking. 


Kelly Nyberg, Co-Host/Co-Founder of Whatsupsftv, moderated a panel that included Mary Beth Holzwarth, South Dakota Human Trafficking Coordinator; Mary Hogan, Department of Homeland Security Community Relations Officer; and Alison Ramsdell, US Attorney for the District of South Dakota. They educated the audience on what is being done in legislation and law enforcement to mitigate the occurrence of human trafficking. 

We were then honored to hear from three individuals who have overcome their personal experiences of human trafficking. Rebecca Cary, founder of Hands of Justice, where she helps Survivors find empowerment through education, job skills, ongoing support and by providing needed resources. She shared her reality of the factors that made her vulnerable to trafficking and what led her out. 

Nathan Earl is the Principal at Giant Slayer Consulting and a Master of Public Health Candidate at Yale University. Nathan leverages more than 20 years of lived and professional experience to help organizations and communities respond to violence against boys and male-identifying individuals across the social-ecological framework. He shared the additional pressures males impacted by sex trafficking face in stepping forward. 

Mary Jackson, survivor of cartel trafficking and a speaker, trainer, & advocate for victims of human trafficking & sexual exploitation and CTF Survivor Program Coordinator, explained all of the small choices that gradually led to a life impacted by trafficking. She also explained--as did Nathan and Rebecca--that it took her years to self-identify as having been trafficked. Educating the community on what human trafficking truly looks like helps individuals understand what is being done to them.

Thank you to all of you who attended this event and made it a success. We will be hosting another Hidden in Plain Sight Event July 25th. This is a great opportunity to invite friends and spread the message of Call to Freedom throughout the community. More information on details to follow.


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